October 2020

PayPal Moves Into Bitcoin

PayPal made it’s long awaited move into cryptocurrencies, announcing Wednesday that its over 300 million users will be able to buy and hold Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and a few other cryptocurrencies and to shop at… Read More »PayPal Moves Into Bitcoin

re: P2P DeFi

Lex Sokolin writes an insightful opinion piece titled How DeFi Can Avoid the Irrelevance of P2P Lending and Crowdfunding, reflecting on past examples of peer-to-peer technology that inspired Libertarian visions of peer-to-peer economies and the… Read More »re: P2P DeFi

DEX: Business or Software?

Peter Van Valkenburg has written an op-ed titled “There’s no such thing as a decentralized exchange” that suggests the term “decentralized exchange (DEX)” is overused as a noun and recommends that people instead rephrase the… Read More »DEX: Business or Software?